Who we are

B BRAND is an Antwerp-based creative design studio.

B BRAND is an ambitious sub-brand of the renowned architectural firm BINST ARCHITECTS which, in addition to its broad portfolio of small to large multidisciplinary projects, focuses in detail on ‘high-end interior design & and innovative product design’; split into two clear branches of expertise called ‘spaces’ & ‘objects’.

B BRAND was initially founded in 2019 as a renewed design collective between the interior designer Ben Depuydt and architect Luc Binst. Both designers consider their vision and knowledge within this medium as complementary and sufficiently authentic to further shape and form this alongside BINST ARCHITECTS into one strengthened portfolio.

The cross-fertilisation of the two métiers makes that the conceptual approach to ‘spaces & objects’ manifests itself in a design language of a different kind of human architecture. A design language with experimentation in materials, out of the box design and habitats with a different experience…

Guided by a strategic way of thinking, B BRAND exudes an ingenious vision and style that produces artistic solutions that seek to inspire and please.

In short, B BRAND stands for a refined, high-quality end product enhanced by powerful lines and a thoughtful design that reflects the soul of craftsmanship and honest materials.

Select furniture and lighting are in collaboration with international manufacturers like Lensvelt, Bulo and Modular lighting systems.


Luikstraat 7
2000 Antwerp

+32 498 75 69 91 (Ben)
+32 477 75 29 91 (Luc)